WEEK 2 – ART EXPERIENCE – Plaster Casting

For my second art experience, I made a plaster cast of my hand. This is something I have never done before and I was kinda excited to do. I wasn’t really sure how much plaster to get for two people so I just bought an 8 pound bucket for $12 on Amazon. This ended up being more than enough, which was good because it allowed us to make multiple casts.

Molds setting in the sand.

Getting the molds right was a little difficult. After digging a hole in the sand, putting your hand in it and filling the sand in around it, you had to carefully remove your hand, making sure not to damage the mold. After a few practice molds I found the best technique was to move your hand around inside the mold to widen it. After that you can start to slowly pull your hand out making sure to brush away the sand at the opening of the mold to keep it from falling back in. This ended up working out pretty well.


Carefully brushing off the sand to reveal my work.


A picture with my best piece.
The finished product with surprising detail.

After returning home, I brushed as much sand off as I could with a stiff paint brush. I used fine sand paper to remove some imperfections  as well as some more sand. After letting it dry a bit more, I used some clear semi-gloss lacquer to keep the remaining sand on the cast. After that dried, I was able to take the piece inside without worrying about sand falling off while handling it.

I think this was a fun experience to experiment with a medium that I’ve never really worked with. I am very happy with the results.


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