This week’s art experience was centered on Snapchat. I connected with fellow classmates and shared my own pics/drawings.

*WARNING* RANT: Personally, I dislike Snapchat. I think the app is buggy and slow even with the new iPhones. Stories and snaps take forever to load and by the time they do, I’ve already closed out of the app because I lost interest. The interface is horrible. Swiping to navigate from page to page sucks, and it it’s poorly implemented. I’m an app developer honestly think this app has grown into a laggy, frankenstein of an app that just gets worse as new useless features are added. I love the concept but the app just doesn’t feel right when I use it.

IMG_4178 For this first image, I really tried to capture what Snapchat means to me. Since I think Snapchat is childish and stupid, I tried to capture that. I always remember playing ‘carpet is lava’ as a kid while jumping around from couch to couch and throwing down pillows to make a bridge. Here is my visualization of it at the university level. As much hate as I’ve thrown at Snapchat so far, I actually enjoyed drawing this picture.


IMG_4181For my second picture, I decided to tell something about myself by showing my love for snowboarding. While packing for Mammoth, I just snapped a picture of my board and added an emoji and colorful lines. I outlined LIB TECH because Lib Tech is awesome. I chose that emoji to show how excited I am, thinking about riding it this weekend. The lines around it radiate positive energy and success for my races this weekend for the CSULB snowboard team.


Classmates’ Snaps: 

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 12.15.24 AM



Overall, I think the snapchat experience was positive. I enjoyed looking as other classmates’ stories and posting my own.


In response to the question posted, yes I do think Snapchat, shares qualities with Matisse and Picasso and the book I Send You this Cadmium Red. I think the dialogue in both forms share the same mediums. Snapchat just makes it way quicker and takes less effort, so less though goes into responding to each other.


2 thoughts on “WEEK 3 – ART EXPERIENCE – Snapchat

  1. Nice insights Aaron!

    It’s certainly ok to “hate” a platform… but as an App Developer, it might be useful to be less emotional and more analytic — actually you ARE pretty analytic in your analysis of why you find the interface, server performance, etc, poor…

    The question you haven’t explored, is why so many of your classmates disagree with you. As far as I can tell, Snapchat is by far the most popular app for the “average” college student. Why do you think this is?

    Is it better to have a “bad” app that’s popular?
    or a “good” app that’s unpopular?
    Can an app be good AND popular?
    does it matter?
    Can you think of an example of an app that’s got a great interface, fast performance on many devices, and is also highly popular with users?

    As an app developer, have you created any apps yet?
    If yes, can you share a link?
    How are they working?
    Would you like to develop an app, or part of one, as an Art110 activity?

    Nice work Aaron!!


    1. I think that maybe I am just more critical of it then most people based on my background. For instance, a major source of frustration is the loading time. Currently they show an indeterminate (spinning) loading indicator when they are downloading the photos/videos. They could easily replace this with a ring indicator that shows the progress. You should only use the indeterminate indicator when you are performing a process for an unknown duration, when you are downloading something you know the progress, show you should show that to the user.

      Here’s an example of how I use these indicators in my app Live Studio: https://vid.me/AQwf
      Notice how when it is downloading the GIF from the URL I show the progress because that is know, when I create the Live Photo, I show the spinner because I don’t know how long that process will take.

      I guess it is better to have an app that sucks but be popular, as you can always improve it. Great app do a single thing exceptionally. An example of this is Instagram. It is simply a photo/video app. It is quick and responsive. It doesn’t try to do too many things at once like Snapchat. I loved Snapchat when it simply allowed you to share photos and video. Stories was also a good addition. I started to have a problem with it when became a text messaging (which makes more sense on Android but less on iOS devices with iMessage), money sending, drawing, current event following and news aggregating app. It seems like they only do a mediocre job will all these features. Venmo is better for sending money. Twitter is better for following current events. Apple’s built in News app is better for news stories. I mean they could have easily made the news features part of another app instead of trying to do everything with the same one.

      I have multiple apps in the app store. My most popular is Live Studio (link: http://livestud.io). It’s been in an out of the top 150 Photo and Video apps in the US app store for the past months. It has been featured on many tech sites such as TechCrunch (http://techcrunch.com/2015/12/28/live-studio-turns-your-videos-and-gifs-into-live-photos/) and Macworld (http://www.macworld.com/article/3016020/ios/how-to-share-live-photos-with-non-iphone-users-on-instagram-and-via-text.html).

      I also work for a startup company where we just released our first iOS/tvOS app (http://slidez.io) this past December.

      I may be interested in making an app for an Art 110 project. I just don’t really know what I would do for it. A lot of work goes into making an app. One of the hardest things is coming up with an idea and how to execute it.


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