Week 4 -Art Experience – Graffiti Writing

As much as I would have loved to go to Venice this weekend, I couldn’t as I had to be in Mammoth for a collegiate regional snowboard competition. With these great views though, it’s hard to complain. Theres no other place I’d rather do this project.

Getting inspired by the landscape.

I used the side of a TV box that we where about to throw away as my canvas. I also found some spray paint in the garage. I packed all of this in the car Wednesday night in preparation for doing this on Fridays after snowboarding.


We found an empty lot well off the 395 near the Mammoth Airport and set up shop. I just got a couple colors and decided to go for it. First, outlining my name in black, then filling it in with two different green colors.

The finished product.

I loved how the brown cardboard and the shades of green in my name fit in so well with the landscape. I then, decided to add the silver and black jagged lines to mimic the snow covered peaks in the distance.  This place is truly inspiring and I think my work reflects that.

Graffiti writing is difficult. I’ve used spray paint before but never to try to draw something out with it. I am pretty happy with the results though. For doing it completely freehand with no real planing I think it came out pretty good.


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