Week 9 – Artist Conversation – William Brigham

Artist: Will Brigham
Exhibition: Altered Carbon
Media: wood, metal base(copper,brass)
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi
Website: theartificery.com
Instagram: @theartificery

Based out of Huntington Beach, CA, William Brigham is a senior at CSULB. He will be graduating from the BFA Metals program in Spring 2016. Will transferred from OCC 3 years ago and has been perfecting his metal works ever since. He started working with knifes about 5 years ago because the just wanted “to make cool stuff”. In his free time he likes to spearfish with his handmade speargun and work in his studio.


William’s exhibit showed off his beautiful yet functional works. These pieces included numerous knives, as well as pots, rings and other small items. The many layers of metal were painstakingly forged together to create intricate patterns on the surface of his works. Some of the more detailed patterns were made up of over 350 layers of metal. Many of the knifes featured a feather pattern which looked amazing. Will had knifes of all sizes ranging from a small pairing knife to a full-size hunting knife.


Will has spent countless hours crafting his works. He said that he wanted to focus on making functional and beautiful pieces. This is especially true in the knives. As an onlooker, you can see that Will takes great pride in his work and pours his heart into every detail.

This was one of my favorite exhibits so far this year. I appreciated that the artist was focused on making functional art. I thought the knives were awesome and would love to own one of my own.



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