Week 12 – Art Experience – Geocaching

Found Cache: River of the Corps

Location: N 33° 39.492 W 117° 57.018

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Placed Cache: POTUS

Location: N 33° 39.820 W 117° 56.835

Description: Suspended above a dry river from heights that may make you quiver you will find this cache. Small container, room for goodies. You can park next to the little league fields and walk up the hill to get to the bridge.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to peer over the edge.


I enjoy Geocaching I have done it before, but not for a few years. The summer before I started driving my friends and I would ride our bikes around Huntington hunting for Geocaches. We spent a lot of time doing this. Later that that summer I was even able to find some Geocaches up in Yosemite with my brother. I enjoy caches that are placed in more remote areas and don’t particularly like hunting in public places where “stealth” is required. I have found a few really cool caches.  One my most memorable caches was a large ammo box hidden in a hole dug out under a boulder up in Yosemite. Anther was a single bolt in the side of a shipping container that was hollowed out and filled with a log sheet. I think Geocaching is really cool because it makes you really go out and explore and think about your surroundings. Some caches absolutely boggle my mind like how there are actually ones that require SCUBA or climbing gear. At first I think people have way too much time, but then if you think about it, it’s really just a game that you can play along with your hobbies. If you like to hike, climb, hunt, off-road, swim, dive, or explore under the stars, you can Geocache also! It makes me want to get out and be adventurous.

I think location based gaming does make you think about your surroundings differently while you are playing the game. You almost feel as if you know something nobody else does and it’s kind of a cool thing to be a part of.

When trying to think about something were I might consider other people to be muggles, the first thing I thought about was my elementary school. Each year, the school and the church would put on a fall festival. The first week in October, we would drive by the rides waiting out in the parking lot to be set up and gradually they would start to take from on the field. It was really exciting when I was younger because come Friday, we would be free to roam about and go on rides and play games all weekend with friends. I felt like I ruled the place since I went to the school. I knew most of the volunteers there and spent all weekend there every year since I was a preschooler. I would definitely consider other kids that didn’t go to school there muggle and was alway so proud of it.


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