Week 13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package

In my Art Care Package I included things that had a meaning to me. I included an Angel’s ticket from the game I went to today. The Angel’s lost so I wouldn’t mind forgetting about it anyway. I include a sticker from my snowboard team and a sticker from the concert I went to two years ago as well as a sticker for the candidate who I am supporting for president. The final thing is a tag from a pair of RVCA trunks I just got. It’s made of a rubber-like material and has a cool matte finish. I spent like 5 minutes playing with it yesterday but I probably won’t touch it again, so maybe the recipient can have fun with it also. 

An Art Care Package (ACP) is a lot like a Snapchat. Both are pretty meaningless and most likely to be discarded by the receiver of it after seeing it. The most dramatic difference is the time it takes to receive them. With a Snapchat, the receiver could have already seen what I sent before I had time to put everything in the envelope. I guess that the reviver could still hold on to what I gave them but that is unlikely. With a self-destructing Snapchat, it is all but guaranteed that no one will ever see it again. Another difference is the fact that an ACP is tangible while a Snapchat is not.

I have a mixed opinion on ephemera. My initial thought is that by holding on to everything is the first step in becoming a hoarder. But then when I actually, obtain something like a sticker from a new Apple product, or stub from a concert ticket there is a big part of me that wants to keep it. Just the sentimental value alone can be worth it to hold onto something. Then the logical side of my brain kicks in and I realize that I’m never going to look at this again and I should throw it out. I can honestly say that there has not been a single time that I wish I never got rid of a flier or sticker or ticket stub. It’s just snot practical to hang on to even little thing. I guess things can gain value over time. As the culture has turned to idolize Woodstock, the value of an old ticket stub would rise. But that ticket does not gain any personal value. I think that’s where the difference is. Something appreciated by an entire culture is really worth more than something only appreciated by one person.

I do think that there is a difference between the art in a museum and the things I stuffed into the envelope. This goes back to the same point I made earlier about things appreciated by a culture vs. just one or a two people.

I think fast is always better. Compared to a Snapchat, an ACP is very slow. I can’t think of a single case where it would be beneficial for information take longer to get to it’s destination.

I think that an ACP can be more meaningful but it has nothing to do with the speed at which it travels. It is simply the medium of an ACP that is more powerful. If teleportation existed, a teleported ACP would still have the same meaning as one sent through the USPS. Tangible objects are still be more meaningful than their digital counterparts but as the would continues to innovate, I think this gap between the two is rapidly closing.


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