Extra Credit – Art Experience Feedback!

Top 3 Activities:

  • Plaster Casting
  • Landscape with a Corpse
  • Graffiti Writing

I like these actives because they where not really what you would think of when someone told you to do something artsy, yet they don’t stray to far from art. All of them forced you to go out and do something and put your own twist on it. Every single person had a different result and you could spend as much or as little time as you wanted on them.

Bottom 3 Activities:

  • Automatic Drawing
  • Art Care Package
  • Photowalk

I found automatic drawing to be pointless. My girlfriend and I couldn’t get any results and sitting for a long time with my legs crossed on the ground was uncomfortable. ACP seemed like an excuse to clean out my sock drawer and the photowalk made me feel like a freshman again touring the school.


Everything said, I liked the class, especially the art experiences. I dreaded the artist conversations though. I would have liked to just go and take photos and not have to listen to the artist. The extra work with taking notes and writing multiple paragraphs about them got pretty monotonous after a few weeks. It just felt like work but I guess thats okay. I also felt kinda bad for the artists with 50 people crowded around them and phones held up in their face and asking questions. They just looked overwhelmed and the people surrounding them only seemed to care about the grading rubric and not about having a genuine conversation.




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